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Black Garlic Fermenter Machine

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Black Garlic Machine


Product Overview the large black garlic fermenter is a special high-temperature cleaning up environment room. The air inside is enclosed self circulation, high temperature early effect of air filters repeatedly filtered to make the oven work indoors in a dust-free status. The studio for the stainless steel structure. Working indoor temperature is automatically controlled by the temperature controller, and automatic thermostat and time control device, together with automatic over-temperature power outage and alarm circuit control reliable, safe to use. Meet the electronic LCD

Product details:

һProduct technical parameters

1.1 Temperature Range: R.T +10 ~~ +160; 1.2 Error: 0.5; the 1.3 temperature deviation: 2.5 ; relative humidity :0-98%
1.2 Workroom Size: 12000 * 2200 * 2300
1.3 heating rate: 5 / min; (the whole average)
1.4 Total Power: 30KW;

II. Monitoring and control system
2.1 Temperature measurement: Pt100 platinum resistance;
2.2 control system: imported computer PID temperature controller, PID control, control accuracy of 0.1 C;
2.3 Electrical Equipment: Snyder contactor, ANV solid state relay;
2.4 Time system: independent time control, temperature reaches the start-up time, the time to reach the automatic shutdown;
2.5 overtemperature protection: independent of the main controller, the operation mode: Full range adjustable thermostat constant running; program run (Optional).

Chamber body structure and the materials used

3.1 Cabinet material: Carton SS41 # carbon steel plate after phosphate coating salt processing two anti-glossy coating paint, prevent dust (PARTICLE), spraying color computer gray; 3.2 within the chamber material: SUS304 # mirror stainless steel inner box full weeks argon welding, high temperature silicone packing, anti-machine itself dust; 3.3 insulation materials: ultra-fine glass wool;
3.4 The exhaust port: 100; 3.5 intake ports :: 100, adjusting device installed into the wind;
3.7 air circulation device: high-capacity axial motor; 3.8 air volume regulator: with high brightness dual-line LED display, standard RS485 hardware interface, interoperability inverter with PLC, IPC and other industrial equipment, can be set freely 6-way multi-function terminals, programmable relay contact output.
3.9 Heating method: high-quality stainless steel electric heater; 3.10 within the chamber standard configuration: Melaleuca frame. Movable multilayer mesh design, placement space, easy to operate, saving workshop, warehouse area, and can be applied to put the product at room temperature to dry and into the oven temperature baking.

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